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Nonstop BMS music station. [.m3u]

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  • This is a radio station that continuously play BMS and bmson music. Basically, this is rhythm games music. For more information, see this Angolmois docs or this video.
  • I run this station using spare resources on my server to discover more BMS songs. This channel will always be free and without ads as long as I run it.
  • All songs are converted from BMS or bmson files using bms2mp3, using the same engine used in Bemuse.
  • This radio station is hosted by flicknote. You can reach me via Twitter.
  • You may be interested in joining BMS chat on Discord.
  • If you want your song removed from the stream, please contact flicknote☆ or ping flicknote on Discord.
  • Web design and color scheme blatantly stolen from LR2IR.
  • Be-Music Surge is not affiliated in any way with By the way, is a very cool static web host!